Bag Inserters

We manufacture automatic bag inserting systems, starting from ready-made bags. Choose the model that best suits your project. With our bag inserters, also known as bag feeders, baggers or baggers, we offer perfectly positioned bags inside cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, bins or other containers. The bag inserter machine is a very compact machine that takes up very little space, and also has easy access to the inside of the machine. In the inserter, changing the bag format is very simple and intuitive, and no qualified workforce is needed to handle them. It has less maintenance than other systems since it does not require cutting blades or welding jaws.

On our bag inserter, production is non-stop. To load the bag store, it can be done with the bag placing machine in operation, it is not necessary to stop the bagger since it has two bag stores.

More efficient, productive and economical bag fitting systems for your business.

We place the bag open at the top in a cardboard box, bucket, drum or plastic container so that your product is not in contact with the container and is perfectly hygienic.

Ask us about the model that best suits your project by contacting us.