Case Erector

We have a wide catalog of automatic and semi-automatic case erector machines. All of them guarantee maximum efficiency in the packaging process, whatever the type of box and quality of cardboard you work with.

case erector an important part of the manufacturing and distribution process in any sector, it combines insulation and protection for your products.

With our case formers, also known as automatic case formers, cartoners or case erectors, we reduce labor and streamline tedious operations in your production.

We stock a variety of case forming equipment, from automatic case erectors that can assemble up to 15 cases per minute to high-speed case erectors that can assemble 25 cases per minute.

With the automation of the end of the line, your company gains competitiveness and agility compared to its competitors.

Our automatic case forming machines are easy to use, safe and reliable. See all the advantages of choosing the case erectors.

Contact us to find the most suitablecase erector machine for your application.