Pallet packing robot, automatic mobile, which works with the help of the operator to present it to the pallet to be packed. It packs pallets that have particular measurements, volumes and shapes, which are not able to be packed by standard cargo machines. It allows to pack delicate or unstable loads, as it prevents them from moving from the pallet by centrifugal force.

The machine structure is welded and painted sheet steel. It has a protective crankcase made of plastic shockproof material. It is mounted on motorized wheels, which can be oriented at will to facilitate its movement and the guide wheel is adjustable in height


  • Built-in, high-frequency automatic battery charger
  • Battery status indicator
  • Transmission car carrier by means of belts
  • Parachute (safety device in case of belts breaking)
  • Comes factory-ready to insert a side fork into the machine, for transport by lifting trolley
  • Rudder bar with forward and reverse buttons
  • Adjustable feed rate
  • Adjustable independent ascent and descent speed
  • Independent adjustment of reinforcement turns, bottom and top
  • Cycle to pack only ascent and only in descent, cycle ascent/descent, cycle to coat palletized units with top cover
  • Learning function with adjustment of the following cycles: reinforcement packaging up to a maximum of four different points and with a number of different passes for each point.
  • Packing cycles with start-up or stop of the cart at different heights.
  • Packaging cycles with the photocell turned off for black or particularly poorly palletized loads

Emergency stop front safety sensor (anti-shock sensor)n/Aut


Power 400 V / 50 Hz + N
Temperature of use +5oC to +35oC
Platform rotation speed 10 r.p.m.
Platform diameter 1500 mm
Total dimensions (on floor) 2715 x 1535 x H 2600 mm
Pallet measures to be packed 1000 x 1200 x 2250 mm
Weight 370 kg
Platform capacity 1500 kg
Installed power 1.0 kW
Height of the film coil to use 500 mm
Electrical protection IP 54
Film coil diameter 300 mm

Pallet format that the robot can work with from 800 x 1200 to 1200 x 1200

Three-phase power supply, 400 V / 50 Hz, 8 kW

Operating temperature max + 35oC min. + 5oC

Axle speed 1-2 meters/second

Height 4900 mm

Holding capacity of prey 50 kg

Pneumatic power supply 6 bar

Degree of electrical protection IP 54

Air consumption per cycle 40 nl

Rotation 300 degrees

Noise level max 78 db