Automatic machine with manual regulation and with a device to close flaps to seal with hot glue. Fold the four upper flaps and glue the upper part of batches of boxes of fixed format of the American type. It is easily and quickly regulated. It was designed to be mounted on fully automatic lines, which do not have the supervision of any operator. The machine is factory prepared to be assembled with the most common glue fusion and application groups on the market. The body structure of the machine is made of folded, bolted and painted sheet steel. The boxes move thanks to two lower lateral drive belts, governed by a single motor. The necessary adjustments for each format are made by means of flyers.

Box drag: 2 side drag belts, parallel and with automatic centering
Safety protections: transparent methacrylate panels with safety microswitches
Supports: with fixed support
Pressing of the glued flaps: mobile presser with pneumatic drive
Box dimensions to seal: L from 220 to 400 mm W from 150 * / 200 ** to 520 mm H from 200 to 550 mm
* = 150mm with 2 nozzle sprayer
** = 200mm with 4 nozzle sprayer

Ficha técnica

Peso 334 kg
Producción 1000/1100 cajas / hora
Velocidad desplazamiento 21 metros / minuto
Alimentación eléctrica Trifásica + N / monofásica
Temperatura de uso De + 5ºC hasta + 35ºC
Potencia instalada (no incluido grupo fusión/aplicación cola) 3 kW
Protección eléctrica IP 54
Alimentación neumática 6 bar
Consumo aire por ciclo 3,5 nl
Medidas totales (en planta) 2470 x 954 mm
Altura de la superficie de trabajo 650 mm
Accesorios RUL; S04; S15; S21