Box-forming (up to 15 boxes/minute) automatically forms cardboard boxes, using a new BILATERAL POSITIVE OPENING system “patented system”, which ensures the perfect opening and square of the boxes, eliminating friction between the flaps and thus ensuring a totally safe opening of the case even in formats of square boxes (same length and width), and with very thin and even microchannel cartons, without the need to make cuts in the angles of the inner lapels of the boxes, unlike other forming systems that do not allow to make these formats with squares and closed by hot glue HOT MELT

  • Machine structure is sheet metal and steel, electrowelded and painted or in stainless steel.
  • Accionamientos Electropneumatic drives.
  • Management of operation by automaton and Touch Screen color display.
  • Perimeter protections: hinged mobile panels of transparent methacrylate with safety microswitches.


Box formats to be made L 220 – 600 mm
W 100 – 500 mm
H 150 – 75 mm
(with supel lifted)
Power Three-phase, 400 C/50Hz, 1kW
Temperature of use +5oC to +35oC
Warehouse capacity 150 boxes
Venturi empty team 25 m3 / H 700 mmhg
Pneumatic feeding 6 bar, 13 nl per cycle
Electrical protection IP 54
Finishes Stainless steel or painted steel
Height of the work surface 650 mm
Noise level max. 78 db
Production Up to 15 boxes per minute