Semi-automatic machine to form the American type box bottom, for batches of the same format. Work with operator. FS-50, when coupled with a sealing machine, brings to life a semi-automatic, compact and highly productive packaging line.

Structure of the machine is made of sheet metal and steel, electrowelded and painted or in stainless steel.
The necessary adjustments for each format are made using cranks.
Drives and electrical / pneumatic operation management.
Production 300 boxes / hour.

Ficha técnica

Formatos de las cajas a realizar L 160 – 650 mm
W 100 – 520 mm
H 100 – 520 mm
Consumo aire por ciclo 7,5 nl
Alimentación neumática 4 bar
Alimentación eléctrica Trifásica/monofásica
Temperatura de uso De + 5ºC hasta + 35ºC
Protección eléctrica IP 54
Altura de la superficie de trabajo 650 mm
Peso 125 Kg
Medidas totales (en planta) 1240 / 1550 x 805 mm