Machine description

– Stainless steel construction. AISI 304.

– Chassis in high strength structural tube.

– Storage of mechanically and adjustable feed cartons to different forms

Collection of the cardboard through suction cups by vacuum by means of pneumatic cylinder and vacuum ejectors.

– Adjustable cardboard guides in ac. Stainless.

– Advance the cardboard to folding area by means of mechanical motor with push crank and built-in control encoder.

Adjustable top step with descent and rise by means of pneumatic cylinder and rear in plastic material ( APM-1.000 ) to the size of the tray.

– Adjustable bottom bender with benders and retaining stops.

– Security perimeter enclosures in ac. Stainless. polycarbonate, with side access doors with safety mics according to EEC regulations.

– Centralized electrical panel with programmable automaton, touch screen, etc…


– Drag train by means of modular band.

– Traction by means of side gear motor.

– Side guides in plastic material.

– Constructed of stainless steel. AISI 304.

– Structural tube legs with height adjustable feet.

– Traction and return axles.

– Return rollers.

– Maximum accumulation photocell.

– Tray output at 90odefine (right or left).