Semi-automatic closed platform wrapper with extendable film to stabilize palletized loads. The EP-10 model is semi-automatic and requires the presence of the operator to tie the end of the film to the pallet, performing the rest of the functions from the panel.

  • The structure of the machine is made of painted sheet steel.
  • Column with warned base for quick and easy installation.
  • Transmission car carrier by belt.
  • Mechanical safety device (parachute) in case the belt breaks.
  • Chassis of the machine for transport by forklift (front and rear holes).
  • Pneumatic flooring connection.
  • Electric board.
  • Mechanical friction. allows to have the tension of the film cost when the coil is changed.
  • Inverter for progressive start-up with fixed stop in position.
  • Packing program: ascent/drop.
  • Photocell to read the height of the pallet.
  • Speed regulation wind car with potentiometer.
  • regulation of platform rotation speed with potentiometer.
  • Digital regulation separated from the number of sup/inf revolutions.
  • Man/Aut mode selector.


Weight 370 kg
Platform rotation 4 – 14 r.p.m.
Power 400 V / 50 Hz + N
Temperature of use +5oC to +35oC
Platform diameter 1600 mm
Pallet measures to be packed 1000 x 1200 x 2250 mm
Height of the film coil to use 500 mm
Film coil diameter 300 mm
Platform capacity 2000 kg
Installed power 0.8 kW
Electrical protection IP 54
Total dimensions (on floor) 2715 x 1515 x 2600 mm