Automatic former of American type boxes, model ENZO 2000, which automatically folds the 4 lower flaps of the box, absorbing these previously from the side warehouse arranged at the entrance of the machine. The formed box is sent to the user line after being automatically sealed by the bottom, by means of a sealing machine with lower head attached to the trainer. The bottom of the case can be closed using self-adhesive tape, sticky paper or Hot-Melt.

  • Machine structure is sheet metal and steel, electrowelded and painted or in stainless steel.
  • Accionamientos Electropneumatic drives.
  • Operation management, with electronic logic and specific microprocessor, with programmable EPROM.
  • Perimeter protections: hinged mobile panels of transparent methacrylate with safety microswitches.
  • Display for LCD monitoring (liquid crystal), 40 characters x 2 lines.
  • Equipped with a photocell kit to allow continuous or step-by-step operation.
  • It incorporates digital display with easy programming of the work cycles.
  • Pneumatic machine movements.
  • Production is variable between 650 and 900 boxes / hour, according to the measurements of the boxes.


Box formats to be made L 220 – 600 mm
W 100 – 500 mm
H 100 – 500 mm
Power Three-phase, 380 V/50Hz, 1kW
Temperature of use +5oC to +35oC
Warehouse capacity 100 boxes
Venturi empty team 25 m3 / H 700 mmhg
Pneumatic feeding 7 bar, 22 nl per cycle
Electrical protection IP 54
Air quality Dehumed and filtered with filtration oil
Height of the work surface 650 mm
Noise level max. 78 db
Weight 490 kg