The fitting robot places the product inside a cardboard box that is powered by a motorized roller path. The 2/3-axis fitting robot is controlled by a numerical control and servo motors. Allello provided with a suction cup or tweezers head, depending on the characteristics of the product. Its main feature is its great versatility, its easy operation and its quick installation in an existing line.


Electricity 4 kw 380 V 50/60 Hz
Compressed Air 6 Bar – 40 NLitro / cycle
Longitudinal Stroke (X Axis) 1,000 mm
Vertical Stroke (Y Axis) 1,000 mm
Maximum prey weight 10 kg
Production 15 cycles / minute (under study in each case)
Axis Drive Brushless Servo Motors
Control unit CNC Numerical Control
*Technical characteristics may vary depending on new designs.