Machine description

Automatic bag-laying system in boxes. Starting from a warehouse, take the bag and then insert it and place it in the formed box. This bag-to-bag system allows you to not have to stop the machine to load the warehouse bags. The inserter can reach speeds of up to 10 boxes per minute without the need for operator intervention.

  • Control PLC
  • Flexibility in box dimensions
  • Preformed bags
  • Double stock market
  • Vertical movement: SERVO
  • Bag opening: PNEUMATIC
  • Carrying box by round straps
  • 5.7″ color touch screen
  • Programming prepared for 2 box formats with their corresponding accessories.
  • Manual adjustment of the boxes.


* Other minimum and maximum box sizes under study
Minimum box size 300 x 250 x 150 mm
Maximum box size 650 x 450 x 500 mm
Working speed 10 minute boxes
Bag materials Any standard polyethylene
Bag thickness 15 – 75 microns depending on the material
Electrical installation 1 Kw (3P + N) 50 liters cycle
Pneumatic Installation 6 bar
Finishes Stainless steel or painted steel
Sense of work Right to left or left to right
Machine dimensions L x W x H x 1200 x 1600 x 2900 mm